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Steffen Gielen's personal webpage


Updated 03/12/11


I am working as a postdoctoral fellow in the group Canonical and Covariant Dynamics of Quantum Gravity at the Albert Einstein Institute in Potsdam, Germany.

Before joining AEI in late 2010 I did my Ph.D. Pfeil in the Relativity & Gravitation Group Pfeil at DAMTP Pfeil, Cambridge Pfeil, under the supervision of Prof. Gary Gibbons Pfeil. For more information see my CV Text?.

I am interested in the interplay between various non-perturbative approaches to quantum gravity, which often involve some form of discrete structures, and low-energy physics. At the moment I am focussing on minisuperspace models for quantum cosmology, the role of Lorentz invariance in canonical gravity, and formulations of gravity as constrained "BF theory". More on my research pages.

Email: gielen 'at'
Address: Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute), Am Mühlenberg 1, D-14476 Golm, Germany.
Office: 0.18
Phone: +49 (331) 567-7158.

I will move to Perimeter Institute Pfeil as a postdoctoral researcher in January 2012.

Random Fact: According to MathSciNet Pfeil, my Erdös and Einstein numbers are both 5.

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