Symmetries, unification and the search for quantum gravity


The conference will take place in the lecture hall of the central building of the Max Planck Campus of the Science Park in Potsdam/Golm. You can find travel information here.




The programme is here. We are planning to start on Thursday (6/9) at 9:30am (with registration before) and end on Saturday (8/9) at around 1pm.

Social events

6 Sep – 8 Sep 2012

There will be an organ concert by Hermann on Friday 7 Sep, followed by the conference dinner.


Over almost four decades, Hermann Nicolai has contributed significantly to our understanding of gravity theories and elementary particle physics. One of the guiding principles of his research has been the idea of symmetries in all its forms: supersymmetry, global symmetries, gauge symmetries and scale symmetries. At this conference, recent developments and progress, as well as new ideas along these lines will be reviewed and discussed.

Participation in this conference is by invitation only.

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Follow this link to the pdfs and videos of the talks.