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  1. 26.
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  2. 27.
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  3. 28.
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  4. 29.
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  5. 30.
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  6. 31.
    Fleddermann, R.; Diekmann, C.; Steier, F.; Tröbs, M.; Heinzel, G.; Danzmann, K.: Sub-pm root Hz(-1) non-reciprocal noise in the LISA backlink fiber. Classical and Quantum Gravity 35 (7), 075007 (2018)
  7. 32.
    Goswami, S.; Klinger, B.; Weigelt, M.; Mayer-Grr, T.: Analysis of attitude errors in GRACE range-rate residuals - a comparison between SCA1B and the reprocessed attitude fused product (SCA1B +ACC1B). IEEE Sensors Letters 2 (2), 5500604 (2018)
  8. 33.
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  9. 34.
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  10. 35.
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  11. 36.
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  12. 37.
    Indik, N.; Fehrmann, H.; Harke, F.; Krishnan, B.; Nielsen, A. B.: Reducing the number of templates for aligned-spin compact binary coalescence gravitational wave searches using metric-agnostic template nudging. Physical Review D 97 (12), 124008 (2018)
  13. 38.
    Isleif, K.-S.; Bischof, L.; Ast, S.; Penkert, D.; Schwarze, T.; Fernandez Barranco, G.; Zwetz, J. M.; Veith, S.; Hennig, J.-S.; Tröbs, M. et al.; Reiche, J.; Gerberding, O.; Danzmann, K.; Heinzel, G.: Towards the LISA Backlink: Experiment design for comparing optical phase reference distribution systems. Classical and quantum gravity 35 (8), 085009 (2018)
  14. 39.
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  15. 40.
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  16. 41.
    Koch, A.; Sanjuan, J.; Gohlke, M.; Mahrdt, C.; Brause, N.; Braxmaier, C.; Heinzel, G.: Line of sight calibration for the laser ranging interferometer on-board the GRACE Follow-On mission: on-ground experimental validation. Optics Express 26 (20), pp. 25892 - 25908 (2018)
  17. 42.
    Kupfer, T.; Korol, V.; Shah, S.; Nelemans, G.; Marsh, T. R.; Ramsay, G.; Groot, P. J.; Steeghs, D. T. H.; Rossi, E. M.: LISA verification binaries with updated distances from Gaia Data Release 2. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 480 (1), pp. 302 - 309 (2018)
  18. 43.
    London, L.; Khan, S.; Fauchon-Jones, E.; Forteza, X. J.; Hannam, M.; Husa, S.; Kalaghatgi, C.; Ohme, F.; Pannarale, F.: First higher-multipole model of spinning binary-black-hole gravitational waveforms. Physical Review Letters 120, 161102 (2018)
  19. 44.
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  20. 45.
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  21. 46.
    Ming, J.; Papa, M. A.; Krishnan, B.; Prix, R.; Beer, C.; Zhu, S.; Eggenstein, H.-B.; Bock, O.; Machenschalk, B.: Optimally setting up directed searches for continuous gravitational waves in Advanced LIGO O1 data. Physical Review D 97, 024051 (2018)
  22. 47.
    Mukherjee, A.; Messenger, C.; Riles, K.: Accretion-induced spin-wandering effects on the neutron star in Scorpius X-1: Implications for continuous gravitational wave searches. Physical Review D 97 (4), 043016 (2018)
  23. 48.
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  24. 49.
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  25. 50.
    Nitz, A. H.; Dal Canton, T.; Davis, D.; Reyes, S.: Rapid detection of gravitational waves from compact binary mergers with PyCBC Live. Physical Review D 98 (2), 024050 (2018)
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