Publications of the Albert Einstein Institute in Potsdam

Thesis - PhD (25)

  1. 3881.
    Fischbacher, T.: Mapping the vacuum structure of gauged maximal supergravities: an application of high-performance symbolic algebra. Dissertation, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Berlin (2003)
  2. 3882.
    Pössel, M.: Hidden symmetries in minimal five-dimensional supergravity. Dissertation, Universität Hamburg, Hamburg (2003)
  3. 3883.
    Reimann, B.: Maximal Slicing of Schwarzschild. Dissertation, University of Potsdam, Potsdam (2003)
  4. 3884.
    Dain, S.: Regular asymptotically flat initial data. Dissertation, Cordoba (1999)
  5. 3885.
    Lanfermann, G.: A three dimensional fixed mesh refinement algorithm in numerical relativity. Dissertation, Potsdam (1999)
  6. 3886.
    Capon, R.: Radiation reaction near black holes. Dissertation, Cardiff (1998)
  7. 3887.
    Samtleben, H.: Classical and quantum symmetries in models of dimensionally reduced gravity. Dissertation, Hamburg (1998)
  8. 3888.
    Walker, P.: Horizons, hyperbolic systems, and inner boundary conditions in numerical relativity. Dissertation, Urbana IL (1998)
  9. 3889.
    Huisken, G.: Reguläre Kapillarflächen in negativen Gravitationsfeldern. Dissertation, 45 pp., Universität Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany (1983)
  10. 3890.
    Helling, R.: Scattering in Supersymmetric M(atrix)-Models. Dissertation, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Berlin ()
  11. 3891.
    Zenginoglu, A. C.: A conformal approach to numerical calculations of asymptotically flat spacetimes. Dissertation, University of Potsdam ()
  12. 3892.
    Ehlers, J.: Konstruktionen und Charakterisierungen von Lösungen der Einsteinschen Gravitationsfeldgleichungen. Dissertation, Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany (1958)

Thesis - Habilitation (5)

  1. 3893.
    Rinne, O.: Numerical and analytical methods for asymptotically flat spacetimes. Habilitation, 32 pages, 5 figures pp. (2014)
  2. 3894.
    Korotkin, D. A.: Classical and quantum aspects of dimensionally-reduced gravity and Isomonodromic deformations. Habilitation, St. Petersburg (1998)
  3. 3895.
    Loll, R.: Wilson Loop and discrete lattice methods in quantum gauge and gravitational theories. Habilitation, Potsdam (1998)
  4. 3896.
    Huisken, G.: Hypersurfaces in Riemannian manifolds moving by their mean curvature. Habilitation, 60 pp., Universität Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany (1985)
  5. 3897.
    Brügmann, B.: Quantum gravity in four dimensions: cannonical quantization and dynamical triangulations. Habilitation ()

Thesis - Master (1)

  1. 3898.
    Korovin, Y.: Holographic Renormalization for Fermions in Real Time. Master, 77 pp. (2011)

Working Paper (202)

  1. 3899.
    Mädler, T.; Winicour, J.: Kerr Black Holes and Nonlinear Radiation Memory. (2018)
  2. 3900.
    Gourevitch, D.; Gustafsson, H. P. A.; Kleinschmidt, A.; Persson, D.; Sahi, S.: Fourier coefficients and small automorphic representations. (2018)
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