Dr. Michael Rose
Head of IT department
Phone:+49 331 567-7204

The IT Department at the Albert Einstein Institute

The IT department provides the computer infrastructure to all employees of the Institute. Service includes giving direct support in case of usage problems and supporting AEI members in case of more specialized IT problems. The IT department runs the high-performance computer cluster Datura (mainly used for numerical simulations).

General tasks, service offers and IT infrastructure

Core competences and tasks of the IT department at AEI Potsdam and Hannover are:

  • Planning and operating high performance computing systems like High Performance Computer Cluster, graphic machines and GPU systems (GPU: Graphics Processing Unit); support users in adapting scientific software to these systems

  • Planning and providing core services: network access, mail services, group ware, collaboration tools and web services; providing computer power and appropriate central storage space; operating content versioning systems, application services, license servers; providing backup and archive facilities; taking care of IT security; operating a Registration Authority for certificates of the DFN and the GRID community; providing and supporting mobile devices; operating a ticket request system

  • Developing various kinds of software such as WEB- and database applications

  • Training AEI members in using the IT facilities and software tools; providing vocational education in information technology

  • Purchasing of all kinds of IT devices and software
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