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Darya Niakhaichyk
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Potsdam International Community Center

Finding A Place to Stay


In Germany, apartments are usually completely unfurnished, unless stated otherwise. You will probably come across the term "WG" during your search. A "WG" or “Wohngemeinschaft” is a shared flat - you would have your own room, but share a kitchen and bathroom with flatmates.

There can be a processing period before you find an apartment or place to stay so it is always best to begin your search well in advance.

The following information is provided for those planning to stay in the Potsdam-Berlin area.

Short-Term Accommodation

Max Planck Campus Guesthouse

The secretary of your division (see contact details on the right) and/or Eva Reis (at the GO:IN complex) can book the guesthouse for you for the first month after you arrive and, upon request, extend your stay at the guesthouse for up to a maximum of three months.

Other Short-Term Options

For short-term accommodation in Potsdam or Berlin, it is recommended to look for other guesthouses (“Gästehaus”), pensions (“Pension”) or holiday apartments (“Ferienwohnungen”).

For short-term lodgings, you are welcome to contact the secretary of your division and/or the IO for further assistance. The IO can provide you with a list of useful resources for your search.

Long-Term Accommodation

Please contact the IO in advance if you require assistance in finding long-term accommodation in Potsdam or Berlin. We will be glad to provide you with a list of useful resources for your search.

If you are planning on living in Potsdam for a minimum of 1 year (or 6 months in a WG/shared flat), you also have the option to contact Jennifer Sabernak at the PICC ( Jennifer will offer support in going through available offers for you and in contacting the individual landlords or estate agents on your behalf.

If you have found a prospective flat in Berlin, Jennifer will be glad to assist you in communicating with your landlord and in looking over your rental contract before you sign.

Jennifer will also help you with any additional aspects related to housing such as electricity, internet and telephone services (for both Potsdam and Berlin).

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