MSc thesis

MSc thesis proposal in the Space Interferometry group (experiments and simulations) at AEI Hannover

Stellenangebot vom 26. September 2016

Inter-satellite interferometry generally deals with clipped and therefore diffracted beams that are propagated through the local optical setup. We therefore need to accurately describe and propagate diffracted beams, when we are designing and analyzing laser interferometers for space applications. For this purpose, a multitude of different methods exists, but each with a set of limitations.

Our methods under investigation are currently the Gaussian Beam Decomposition (GBD) and the Mode Expansion Method (MEM), where a beam is decomposed either in fundamental (GBD) or higher order (MEM) Gaussian modes, or alternatively specific Fourier Optics routines. Within this master thesis project, an experiment to compare and validate the precision of these simulation methods shall be designed. For this, fundamental programming skills are required. Once the design is finalized, the experiment shall then be set up, performed, and analyzed.

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