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    Foster, B.; Heath, G. P.; Llewellyn, T. J.; Gingrich, D. M.; Harnew, N.; Hallam-Baker, P. M.; Khatri, T.; McArthur, I. C.; Morawitz, P.; Nash, J. et al.; Shield, P. D.; Topp-Jorgensen, S.; Wilson, F. F.; Allen, B.; Carter, R. C.; Jeffs, M. D.; Morrissey, M. C.; Quinton, S. P. H.; Lane, J. B.; Postranecky, M.: The performance of the ZEUS central tracking detector z-by-timing electronics in a transputer based data acquisition system. Nuclear Physics B - Proceedings Supplements 32, pp. 181 - 188 (1993)
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