Publications of the Laser Interferometry and Gravitational Wave Astronomy Division

Journal Article (44)

  1. 21.
    Grosse, N. B.; Assad, S.; Mehmet, M.; Schnabel, R.; Symul, T.; Ping, K. L.: Observation of Entanglement between Two Light Beams Spanning an Octave in Optical Frequency. Physical Review Letters 100 (24), 243601 (2008)
  2. 22.
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  3. 23.
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  4. 24.
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  5. 25.
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  6. 26.
    Kokeyama, K.; Somiya, K.; Kawazoe, F.; Sato, S.; Kawamura, S.: Development of a signal-extraction scheme for resonant sideband extraction. Classical and Quantum Gravity (2008)
  7. 27.
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  8. 28.
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  9. 29.
    Kwee, P.; Willke, B.: Automatic laser beam characterization of monolithicNd:YAG nonplanar ring lasers. Applied Optics (2008)
  10. 30.
    Leaci, P.; Canton, T. D.; Ortolan, A.; Prodi, G. A.: Antenna pattern of DUAL detectors of gravitational waves and its exploitation in a network of advanced interferometers. Classical and quantum gravity 25 (19), 195018 (2008)
  11. 31.
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  12. 32.
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  13. 33.
    Mow-Lowry, C. M.; Mullavey, A. J.; Goßler, S.; Gray, M. B.; McClelland, D. E.: Cooling of a Gram-Scale Cantilever Flexure to 70 mK with a Servo-Modified Optical Spring. Physical Review Letters 100 (1), 010801 (2008)
  14. 34.
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  15. 35.
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  16. 36.
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  17. 37.
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  18. 38.
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  19. 39.
    Schnabel, R.: Verschränkung zweier Spiegel. Spektrum der Wissenschaft 2008, pp. 14 - 16 (2008)
  20. 40.
    Smith, J. R.; Degallaix, J.; Freise, A.; Grote, H.; Hewitson, M.; Hild, S.; Lück, H.; Strain, K. A.; Willke, B.: Measurement and simulation of laser power noise in GEO 600. Classical and Quantum Gravity 25 (3), 035003 (2008)
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