Publikationen des AEI Potsdam und AEI Hannover

Forschungspapier (200)

  1. 4901.
    Lange, J.; O'Shaughnessy, R.; Boyle, M.; Bustillo, J. C.; Campanelli, M.; Chu, T.; Clark, J. A.; Demos, N.; Fong, H.; Healy, J. et al.; Hemberger, D.; Hinder, I.; Jani, K.; Khamesra, B.; Kidder, L. E.; Kumar, P.; Laguna, P.; Lousto, C. O.; Lovelace, G.; Ossokine, S.; Pfeiffer, H.; Scheel, M. A.; Shoemaker, D.; Szilagyi, B.; Teukolsky, S.; Zlochower, Y.: A Parameter Estimation Method that Directly Compares Gravitational Wave Observations to Numerical Relativity. (2017)
  2. 4902.
    Li, Y.; Oriti, D.; Zhang, M.: Group field theory for quantum gravity minimally coupled to a scalar field. (2017)
  3. 4903.
    Liu, H.; Noui, K.; Wilson-Ewing, E.; Langlois, D.: Effective loop quantum cosmology as a higher-derivative scalar-tensor theory. (2017)
  4. 4904.
    London, L.; Khan, S.; Fauchon-Jones, E.; Forteza, X. J.; Hannam, M.; Husa, S.; Kalaghatgi, C.; Ohme, F.; Pannarale, F.: First higher-multipole model of spinning binary-black-hole gravitational waveforms. (2017)
  5. 4905.
    Meissner, K. A.; Nicolai, H.: Conformal Anomaly and Off-Shell Extensions of Gravity. (2017)
  6. 4906.
    Menne, U.; Scharrer, C.: An isoperimetric inequality for diffused surfaces. (angenommen)
  7. 4907.
    Menne, U.; Santilli, M.: A geometric second-order-rectifiable stratification for closed subsets of Euclidean space. (eingereicht)
  8. 4908.
    Menne, U.; Scharrer, C.: A novel type of Sobolev-Poincar\'e inequality for submanifolds of Euclidean space. (eingereicht)
  9. 4909.
    Ming, J.; Papa, M. A.; Krishnan, B.; Prix, R.; Beer, C.; Zhu, S.; Eggenstein, H.-B.; Bock, O.; Machenschalk, B.: Optimally setting up directed searches for continuous gravitational waves in Advanced LIGO O1 data. (2017)
  10. 4910.
    Novak, J.; Butter, D.; Tartaglino-Mazzucchelli, G.: Conformal supergravity invariants and component reduction in six dimensions. (2017)
  11. 4911.
    Paganini, C.; Ruba, B.; Oancea, M. A.: Characterization of Null Geodesics on Kerr Spacetimes. (eingereicht)
  12. 4912.
    Polyakov, D.: An Analytic Formula for Numbers of Restricted Partitions from Conformal Field Theory. (2017)
  13. 4913.
    Rodriguez, M. J.: Binary Black Hole in a Double Magnetic Monopole Field. (2017)
  14. 4914.
    Santilli, M.: Curvature of closed subsets of Euclidean space and minimal submanifolds of arbitrary codimension. (eingereicht)
  15. 4915.
    Santilli, M.: Rectifiability and approximate differentiability of higher order for sets. (eingereicht)
  16. 4916.
    Schmidt, P.; Harry, I.; Pfeiffer, H. P.: Numerical Relativity Injection Infrastructure. (2017)
  17. 4917.
    Shao, L.; Sennett, N.; Buonanno, A.; Kramer, M.; Wex, N.: Constraining nonperturbative strong-field effects in scalar-tensor gravity by combining pulsar timing and laser-interferometer gravitational-wave detectors. (eingereicht)
  18. 4918.
    Singh, A.; Papa, M. A.; Eggenstein, H.-B.; Walsh, S.: An adaptive clustering procedure for continuous gravitational wave searches. (angenommen)
  19. 4919.
    Singh, A.; Papa, M. A.; Zhu, S.; Eggenstein, H.-B.: The upper-limit procedure for the most recent Einstein@Home searches. (2017)
  20. 4920.
    Troessaert, C.: The BMS4 algebra at spatial infinity. (2017)
  21. 4921.
    Walker, M.; Abbott, T. D.; Aston, S. M.; González, G.; Macleod, D. M.; McIver, J.; Abbott, B. P.; Abbott, R.; Adams, C.; Adhikari, R. X. et al.; Anderson, S. B.; Ananyeva, A.; Appert, S.; Arai, K.; Ballmer, S. W.; Barker, D.; Barr, B.; Barsotti, L.; Bartlett, J.; Bartos, I.; Batch, J. C.; Bell, A. S.; Betzwieser, J.; Billingsley, G.; Birch, J.; Biscans, S.; Biwer, C.; Blair, C. D.; Bork, R.; Brooks, A. F.; Ciani, G.; Clara, F.; Countryman, S. T.; Cowart, M. J.; Coyne, D. C.; Cumming, A.; Cunningham, L.; Danzmann, K.; Costa, C. F. D. S.; Daw, E. J.; DeBra, D.; DeRosa, R. T.; DeSalvo, R.; Dooley, K. L.; Doravari, S.; Driggers, J. C.; Dwyer, S. E.; Effler, A.; Etzel, T.; Evans, M.; Evans, T. M.; Factourovich, M.; Fair, H.; Galiana, A. F.; Fisher, R. P.; Fritschel, P.; Frolov, V. V.; Fulda, P.; Fyffe, M.; Giaime, J. A.; Giardina, K. D.; Goetz, E.; Goetz, R.; Gras, S.; Gray, C.; Grote, H.; Gushwa, K. E.; Gustafson, E. K.; Gustafson, R.; Hall, E. D.; Hammond, G.; Hanks, J.; Hanson, J.; Hardwick, T.; Harry, G. M.; Heintze, M. C.; Heptonstall, A. W.; Hough, J.; Izumi, K.; Jones, R.; Kandhasamy, S.; Karki, S.; Kasprzack, M.; Kaufer, S.; Kawabe, K.; Kijbunchoo, N.; King, E. J.; King, P. J.; Kissel, J. S.; Korth, W. Z.; Kuehn, G.; Landry, M.; Lantz, B.; Lockerbie, N. A.; Lormand, M.; Lundgren, A.; MacInnis, M.; Márka, S.; Márka, Z.; Markosyan, A. S.; Maros, E.; Martin, I. W.; Martynov, D. V.; Mason, K.; Massinger, T. J.; Matichard, F.; Mavalvala, N.; McCarthy, R.; McClelland, D. E.; McCormick, S.; McIntyre, G.; Mendell, G.; Merilh, E. L.; Meyers, P. M.; Miller, J.; Mittleman, R.; Moreno, G.; Mueller, G.; Mullavey, A.; Munch, J.; Nuttall, L. K.; Oberling, J.; Oliver, M.; Oppermann, P.; Oram, R. J.; O'Reilly, B.; Ottaway, D. J.; Overmier, H.; Palamos, J. R.; Paris, H. R.; Parker, W.; Pele, A.; Penn, S.; Phelps, M.; Pierro, V.; Pinto, I.; Principe, M.; Prokhorov, L. G.; Puncken, O.; Quetschke, V.; Quintero, E. A.; Raab, F. J.; Radkins, H.; Raffai, P.; Reid, S.; Reitze, D. H.; Robertson, N. A.; Rollins, J. G.; Roma, V. J.; Romie, J. H.; Rowan, S.; Ryan, K.; Sadecki, T.; Sanchez, E. J.; Sandberg, V.; Savage, R. L.; Schofield, R. M. S.; Sellers, D.; Shaddock, D. A.; Share, T. J.; Shapiro, B.; Shawhan, P.; Shoemaker, D. H.; Sigg, D.; Slagmolen, B. J. J.; Smith, B.; Smith, J. R.; Sorazu, B.; Staley, A.; Strain, K. A.; Tanner, D. B.; Taylor, R.; Thomas, M.; Thomas, P.; Thorne, K. A.; Thrane, E.; Torrie, C. I.; Traylor, G.; Tuyenbayev, D.; Vajente, G.; Valdes, G.; van Veggel, A. A.; Vecchio, A.; Veitch, P. J.; Venkateswara, K.; Vo, T.; Vorvick, C.; Ward, R. L.; Warner, J.; Weaver, B.; Weiss, R.; Weßels, P.; Willke, B.; Wipf, C. C.; Worden, J.; Wu, G.; Yamamoto, H.; Yancey, C. C.; Yu, H.; Yu, H.; Zhang, L.; Zucker, M. E.; Zweizig, J.: Effects of transients in LIGO suspensions on searches for gravitational waves. (2017)
  22. 4922.
    Zhu, S.; Papa, M. A.; Walsh, S.: A new veto for continuous gravitational wave searches. (2017)
  23. 4923.
    Ahlén, O.: Global Iwasawa-decomposition of SL(n,AQ). (2016)
  24. 4924.
    Ashton, G.; Birnholtz, O.; Cabero, M.; Capano, C.; Dent, T.; Krishnan, B.; Meadors, G. D.; Nielsen, A. B.; Nitz, A.; Westerweck, J.: Comments on: "Echoes from the abyss: Evidence for Planck-scale structure at black hole horizons". (2016)
  25. 4925.
    Babak, S.; Taracchini, A.; Buonanno, A.: Improving and validating the effective-one-body waveform model for spinning, precessing binary black holes. (2016)
  26. 4926.
    Baulieu, L.: Early Universes with Effective Discrete Time. (2016)
  27. 4927.
    Berg, M.; Buchberger, I.; Schlotterer, O.: String-motivated one-loop amplitudes in gauge theories with half-maximal supersymmetry. (2016)
  28. 4928.
    Bianco, S.; Friedhoff, N.; Wilson-Ewing, E.: Modified dispersion relations, inflation and scale-invariance. (2016)
  29. 4929.
    Bohe, A.; Shao, S.; Babak, S.; Buonanno, A.; Raymond, V.; Taracchini, A.: Effective-one-body waveform model for non-precessing binary black-hole mergers calibrated to 141 numerical-relativity waveforms. (2016)
  30. 4930.
    Boyle, L.; Farnsworth, S.: A new algebraic structure in the standard model of particle physics. (2016)
  31. 4931.
    Camanho, X. O.; Gomez, G. L.; Rahman, R.: Causality Constraints on Massive Gravity. (2016)
  32. 4932.
    Capano, C.; Dent, T.; Hanna, C.; Hendry, M.; Hu, Y.-M.; Messenger, C.; Veitch, J.: Systematic errors in estimation of gravitational-wave candidate significance. (2016)
  33. 4933.
    Carrasco, J. J. M.; Mafra, C. R.; Schlotterer, O.: Semi-abelian Z-theory: NLSM+phi^3 from the open string. (2016)
  34. 4934.
    Chiodarolia, M.: Simplifying amplitudes in Maxwell-Einstein and Yang-Mills-Einstein supergravities. (2016)
  35. 4935.
    Fang, Y.: C1,beta-regularity at the boundary of two dimensional sliding almost minimal sets. (2016)
  36. 4936.
    Geloun, J. B.: Renormalizable Tensor Field Theories. (2016)
  37. 4937.
    Geloun, J. B.; Koslowski, T. A.: Nontrivial UV behavior of rank-4 tensor field models for quantum gravity. (2016)
  38. 4938.
    Harte, A.; Flanagan, E.; Nichols, D.: Gravitational-wave memory observables. (2016)
  39. 4939.
    He, S.; Jiang, Y.; Liu, J.: Toda chain from the kink-antikink lattice. (2016)
  40. 4940.
    He, S.; Schlotterer, O.: Loop-level KLT, BCJ and EYM amplitude relations. (2016)
  41. 4941.
    Jiang, Y.; Liu, J.; He, S.: Near integrability of kink lattice with higher order interactions. (2016)
  42. 4942.
    Kegeles, A.; Oriti, D.: Continuous point symmetries in Group Field Theories. (2016)
  43. 4943.
    Kegeles, A.; Oriti, D.; Tomlin, C.: Thermodynamic limit and inequivalent representations in Group Field Theory. (2016)
  44. 4944.
    Kolasinski, S.: Higher order rectifiability of rectifiable sets via averaged discrete curvatures. (eingereicht)
  45. 4945.
    Kolasinski, S.: Estimating discrete curvatures in terms of beta numbers. (2016)
  46. 4946.
    Lahiri, A.: Almost graphical hypersurfaces become graphical under mean curvature flow. (angenommen)
  47. 4947.
    Lahiri, A.: A new version of Brakke's local regularity theorem. (2016)
  48. 4948.
    Leavey, S. S.; Danilishin, S. L.; Gläfke, A.; Barr, B. W.; Bell, A. S.; Gräf, C.; Hennig, J. -.; Houston, E. A.; Huttner, S. H.; Lück, H. et al.; Pascucci, D.; Somiya, K.; Sorazu, B.; Spencer, A.; Steinlechner, S.; Strain, K. A.; Wright, J.; Zhang, T.; Hild, S.: Control of a velocity-sensitive audio-band quantum non-demolition interferometer. (2016)
  49. 4949.
    Levi, M.; Steinhoff, J.: Complete conservative dynamics for inspiralling compact binaries with spins at fourth post-Newtonian order. (2016)
  50. 4950.
    Li, X.; Hu, Y.-M.; Jin, Z.-P.; Fan, Y.-Z.; Wei, D.-M.: Neutron star-black hole coalescence rate inferred from macronova/kilonova observations. (2016)
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