Publikationen des AEI Potsdam und AEI Hannover

Zeitschriftenartikel (182)

  1. 151.
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  2. 152.
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  3. 153.
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  4. 154.
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  5. 155.
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  6. 156.
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  7. 157.
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  8. 158.
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  9. 159.
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  10. 160.
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  11. 161.
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  12. 162.
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  13. 163.
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  14. 164.
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  15. 165.
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  16. 166.
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  17. 167.
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  18. 168.
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  19. 169.
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  20. 170.
    Thiemann, T.: Complexifier Coherent States for Quantum General Relativity. Classical and Quantum Gravity 23 (6), S. 2063 - 2117 (2006)
  21. 171.
    Thiemann, T.: The Phoenix Project: Master Constraint Programme for Loop Quantum Gravity. Classical and Quantum Gravity 23 (7), S. 2211 - 2247 (2006)
  22. 172.
    Thiemann, T.: Reduced Phase Space Quantization and Dirac Observables. Classical and Quantum Gravity 23, S. 1163 - 1180 (2006)
  23. 173.
    Thiemann, T.: The LQG String: Loop Quantum Gravity Quantization of String Theory I. Flat Target Space. Classical and Quantum Gravity 23 (6), S. 1923 - 1970 (2006)
  24. 174.
    Thiemann, T.: Quantum Spin Dynamics VIII. The Master Constraint. Classical and Quantum Gravity 23 (7), S. 2249 - 2265 (2006)
  25. 175.
    Thornburg, J.: Get your demos right. Physics World 19 (10), S. 18 - 18 (2006)
  26. 176.
    Tröbs, M.; Heinzel, G.: Improved spectrum estimation from digitized time series on a logarithmic frequency axis. Measurement 39, S. 120 - 129 (2006)
  27. 177.
    Vahlbruch, H.; Chelkowski, S.; Hage, B.; Franzen, A.; Danzmann, K.; Schnabel, R.: Coherent Control of Vacuum Squeezing in the Gravitational-Wave Detection Band. Physical Review Letters 97, 011101 (2006)
  28. 178.
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  29. 179.
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  30. 180.
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  31. 181.
    de Haro, S.: A Note on Knot Invariants and q-Deformed 2d Yang Mills. Physics Letters B 634 (1), S. 78 - 83 (2006)
  32. 182.
    de Haro, S.; Petkou, A. C.: Instantons and Conformal Holography. Journal of High Energy Physics (2006)

Buch (1)

  1. 183.
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Buchkapitel (13)

  1. 184.
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  11. 194.
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Konferenzbeitrag (42)

  1. 197.
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