Publikationen des AEI Potsdam und AEI Hannover

Forschungspapier (68)

  1. 151.
    Bossard, G.; Cederwall, M.; Kleinschmidt, A.; Palmkvist, J.; Samtleben, H.: Generalised diffeomorphisms for E_9. (eingereicht)
  2. 152.
    Bramberger, S. F.; Hertog, T.; Lehners, J.-L.; Vreys, Y.: Quantum Transitions Through Cosmological Singularities. (2017)
  3. 153.
    Broedel, J.; Matthes, N.; Richter, G.; Schlotterer, O.: Twisted elliptic multiple zeta values and non-planar one-loop open-string amplitudes. (2017)
  4. 154.
    Carrozza, S.; Lahoche, V.; Oriti, D.: Renormalizable Group Field Theory beyond melons: an example in rank four. (2017)
  5. 155.
    Chapman, S.; Heller, M. P.; Marrochio, H.; Pastawski, F.: Towards Complexity for Quantum Field Theory States. (2017)
  6. 156.
    Chirco, G.; Mele, F. M.; Oriti, D.; Vitale, P.: Fisher Metric, Geometric Entanglement and Spin Networks. (2017)
  7. 157.
    Chirco, G.; Oriti, D.; Zhang, M.: Group Field theory and Tensor Networks: towards a Ryu-Takayanagi formula in full quantum gravity. (2017)
  8. 158.
    Coughlin, M.; Dietrich, T.; Kawaguchi, K.; Smartt, S.; Stubbs, C.; Ujevic, M.: Towards rapid transient identification and characterization of kilonovae. (eingereicht)
  9. 159.
    Danilishin, S. L.; Knyazev, E.; Voronchev, N. V.; Khalili, F. Y.; Gräf, C.; Steinlechner, S.; Hennig, J.-S.; Hild, S.: A new type of quantum speed meter interferometer: How measuring speed can help to observe black holes. (2017)
  10. 160.
    Dhurandhar, S.; Krishnan, B.; Willis, J. L.: Marginalizing the likelihood function for modeled gravitational wave searches. (2017)
  11. 161.
    Dietrich, T.; Bernuzzi, S.; Tichy, W.: Closed-form tidal approximants for binary neutron star gravitational waveforms constructed from high-resolution numerical relativity simulations. (eingereicht)
  12. 162.
    Dietrich, T.; Ujevic, M.: Modeling dynamical ejecta from binary neutron star mergers and implications for electromagnetic counterparts. (angenommen)
  13. 163.
    Doctor, Z.; Farr, B.; Holz, D. E.; Pürrer, M.: Statistical Gravitational Waveform Models: What to Simulate Next? (2017)
  14. 164.
    Drago, M.; Di Palma, I.: Estimation of the gravitational wave polarizations from a non-template search. (2017)
  15. 165.
    Ezinvi, B.; Hounkonnou, M. N.; N'Dolo, E. E.; Ousmane Samary, D.: Noncommutative Dirac and Klein-Gordon oscillators in the background of cosmic string: spectrum and dynamics. (2017)
  16. 166.
    Feldbrugge, J.; Lehners, J.-L.; Turok, N.: No smooth beginning for spacetime. (2017)
  17. 167.
    Florkowski, W.; Heller, M. P.; Spalinski, M.: New theories of relativistic hydrodynamics in the LHC era. (2017)
  18. 168.
    Friedrich, H.: Peeling or not peeling -- is that the question ? (eingereicht)
  19. 169.
    Gahramanov, I.; Musaev, E. T.: Integrability properties of renormalization group flow. (2017)
  20. 170.
    Ghosh, S.; Sarkar, S.; Verma, M.: Implications of the AdS/CFT Correspondence on Spacetime and Worldsheet OPE Coefficients. (2017)
  21. 171.
    Ghosh, A.; Johnson-McDaniel, N. K.; Ghosh, A.; Mishra, C. K.; Ajith, P.; Del Pozzo, W.; Berry, C. P. L.; Nielsen, A. B.; London, L.: Testing general relativity using gravitational wave signals from the inspiral, merger and ringdown of binary black holes. (2017)
  22. 172.
    Godazgar, H.; Godazgar, M.; Pope, C. N.: Aretakis Charges and Asymptotic Null Infinity. (2017)
  23. 173.
    Gomis, J.; Kleinschmidt, A.: On free Lie algebras and particles in electro-magnetic fields. (2017)
  24. 174.
    He, S.; Lin, F.-L.; Zhang, J.-j.: Subsystem eigenstate thermalization hypothesis for entanglement entropy in CFT. (angenommen)
  25. 175.
    He, S.; Lin, F.-L.; Zhang, J.-j.: Dissimilarities of reduced density matrices and eigenstate thermalization hypothesis. (eingereicht)
  26. 176.
    He, S.; Schlotterer, O.; Zhang, Y.: New BCJ representations for one-loop amplitudes in gauge theories and gravity. (2017)
  27. 177.
    Hinderer, T.; Babak, S.: Foundations of an effective-one-body model for coalescing binaries on eccentric orbits. (2017)
  28. 178.
    Hohm, O.; Musaev, E. T.; Samtleben, H.: O(d+1,d+1) enhanced double field theory. (2017)
  29. 179.
    Kawaguchi, K.; Kyutoku, K.; Nakano, H.; Shibata, M.: Extracting the orbital axis from gravitational waves of precessing binary systems. (2017)
  30. 180.
    Kessel, P.: The Very Basics of Higher-Spin Theory. (2017)
  31. 181.
    Kuzenko, S. M.; Novak, J.; Theisen, S.: New superconformal multiplets and higher derivative invariants in six dimensions. (2017)
  32. 182.
    Kuzenko, S. M.; Novak, J.; Samsonov, I. B.: Chiral anomalies in six dimensions from harmonic superspace. (eingereicht)
  33. 183.
    Lange, J.; O'Shaughnessy, R.; Boyle, M.; Bustillo, J. C.; Campanelli, M.; Chu, T.; Clark, J. A.; Demos, N.; Fong, H.; Healy, J. et al.; Hemberger, D.; Hinder, I.; Jani, K.; Khamesra, B.; Kidder, L. E.; Kumar, P.; Laguna, P.; Lousto, C. O.; Lovelace, G.; Ossokine, S.; Pfeiffer, H.; Scheel, M. A.; Shoemaker, D.; Szilagyi, B.; Teukolsky, S.; Zlochower, Y.: A Parameter Estimation Method that Directly Compares Gravitational Wave Observations to Numerical Relativity. (2017)
  34. 184.
    Levi, M.; Steinhoff, J.: EFTofPNG: A package for high precision computation with the Effective Field Theory of Post-Newtonian Gravity. (2017)
  35. 185.
    Li, Y.; Oriti, D.; Zhang, M.: Group field theory for quantum gravity minimally coupled to a scalar field. (2017)
  36. 186.
    Liu, H.; Noui, K.; Wilson-Ewing, E.; Langlois, D.: Effective loop quantum cosmology as a higher-derivative scalar-tensor theory. (2017)
  37. 187.
    London, L.; Khan, S.; Fauchon-Jones, E.; Forteza, X. J.; Hannam, M.; Husa, S.; Kalaghatgi, C.; Ohme, F.; Pannarale, F.: First higher-multipole model of spinning binary-black-hole gravitational waveforms. (2017)
  38. 188.
    Meissner, K. A.; Nicolai, H.: Conformal Anomaly and Off-Shell Extensions of Gravity. (2017)
  39. 189.
    Menne, U.; Scharrer, C.: An isoperimetric inequality for diffused surfaces. (angenommen)
  40. 190.
    Menne, U.; Scharrer, C.: A novel type of Sobolev-Poincar\'e inequality for submanifolds of Euclidean space. (eingereicht)
  41. 191.
    Menne, U.; Santilli, M.: A geometric second-order-rectifiable stratification for closed subsets of Euclidean space. (eingereicht)
  42. 192.
    Ming, J.; Papa, M. A.; Krishnan, B.; Prix, R.; Beer, C.; Zhu, S.; Eggenstein, H.-B.; Bock, O.; Machenschalk, B.: Optimally setting up directed searches for continuous gravitational waves in Advanced LIGO O1 data. (2017)
  43. 193.
    Novak, J.; Butter, D.; Tartaglino-Mazzucchelli, G.: Conformal supergravity invariants and component reduction in six dimensions. (2017)
  44. 194.
    Paganini, C.; Ruba, B.; Oancea, M. A.: Characterization of Null Geodesics on Kerr Spacetimes. (eingereicht)
  45. 195.
    Polyakov, D.: An Analytic Formula for Numbers of Restricted Partitions from Conformal Field Theory. (2017)
  46. 196.
    Rodriguez, M. J.: Binary Black Hole in a Double Magnetic Monopole Field. (2017)
  47. 197.
    Santilli, M.: Curvature of closed subsets of Euclidean space and minimal submanifolds of arbitrary codimension. (eingereicht)
  48. 198.
    Santilli, M.: Rectifiability and approximate differentiability of higher order for sets. (eingereicht)
  49. 199.
    Schmidt, P.; Harry, I.; Pfeiffer, H. P.: Numerical Relativity Injection Infrastructure. (2017)
  50. 200.
    Shao, L.; Sennett, N.; Buonanno, A.; Kramer, M.; Wex, N.: Constraining nonperturbative strong-field effects in scalar-tensor gravity by combining pulsar timing and laser-interferometer gravitational-wave detectors. (eingereicht)
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