Publikationen des Albert-Einstein-Instituts in Hannover

Zeitschriftenartikel (66)

  1. 26.
    Eberle, T.; Händchen, V.; Duhme, J.; Franz, T.; Werner, R. F.; Schnabel, R.: Gaussian Entanglement for Quantum Key Distribution from a Single-Mode Squeezing Source. New Journal of Physics 15, 053049 (2013)
  2. 27.
    Eberle, T.; Händchen, V.; Schnabel, R.: Stable control of 10 dB two-mode squeezed vacuum states of light. Optics Express 21, S. 11546 - 11553 (2013)
  3. 28.
    Ellis, J.; Siemens, X.; van Haasteren, R.: An Efficient Approximation to the Likelihood for Gravitational Wave Stochastic Background Detection Using Pulsar Timing Data. Astrophysical Journal 769, 63 (2013)
  4. 29.
    Fitzsimons, E.D.; Bogenstahl, J.; Hough, J.; Killow, C.J.; Perreur-Lloyd, M.; Robertson, D.I.; Ward, H.: Precision absolute positional measurement of laser beams. Applied Optics 52 (12), S. 2527 - 2530 (2013)
  5. 30.
    Gerberding, O.; Sheard, B.; Bykov, I.; Kullmann, J.; Delgado, J. J. E.; Danzmann, K.; Heinzel, G.: Phasemeter core for intersatellite laser heterodyne interferometry: modelling, simulations and experiments. Classical and quantum gravity 30 (23), 235029 (2013)
  6. 31.
    Gotthelf, E. V.; Halpern, J. P.; Allen, B.; Knispel, B.: X-ray Observations of Disrupted Recycled Pulsars: No Refuge for Orphaned Central Compact Objects. Astrophysical Journal 773 (2), 1412013 (2013)
  7. 32.
    Grote, H.; Danzmann, K.; Dooley, K. L.; Schnabel, R.; Slutsky, J.; Vahlbruch, H.: First Long-Term Application of Squeezed States of Light in a Gravitational-Wave Observatory. Physical Review Letters 110, 181101 (2013)
  8. 33.
    Gräf, C.; Thüring, A.; Vahlbruch, H.; Danzmann, K.; Schnabel, R.: Length sensing and control of a Michelson interferometer with Power Recycling and Twin Signal Recycling cavities. Optics Express 21 (5), S. 5287 - 5299 (2013)
  9. 34.
    Hammerer, K.: Quantum Mechanics Tackles Mechanics. Science 342 (6159), S. 702 - 703 (2013)
  10. 35.
    Hammerer, K.: Nanomechanical resonators: Spinning oscillators. Nature Physics 9 (8), S. 462 - 463 (2013)
  11. 36.
    Hayama, K.; Nishizawa, A.: Model-independent test of gravity with a network of ground-based gravitational-wave detectors. Physical Review D 87 (6), 062003 (2013)
  12. 37.
    Hofer, S. G.; Vasilyev, D. V.; Aspelmeyer, M.; Hammerer, K.: Time-Continuous Bell Measurements. Physical Review Letters 111, 170404 (2013)
  13. 38.
    Keppel, D.: The multi-detector F-statistic metric for short-duration non-precessing inspiral gravitational-wave signals. Physical Review D 86, 123010 (2013)
  14. 39.
    Keppel, D.; Lundgren, A.P.; Owen, B.J.; Zhu, H.: Parameter space metric for 3.5 post-Newtonian gravitational-waves from compact binary inspirals. Physical Review D 88, 063002 (2013)
  15. 40.
    Keppel, D.: The balancing act of template bank construction: inspiral waveform template banks for gravitational-wave detectors and optimizations at fixed computational cost. Physical Review D 87, 124003 (2013)
  16. 41.
    Khalaidovski, A.; Steinlechner, J.; Schnabel, R.: Indication for dominating surface absorption in crystalline silicon test masses at 1550nm. Classical and quantum gravity 30 (16), 165001 (2013)
  17. 42.
    Knispel, B.; Eatough, R. P.; Kim, H.; Keane, E. F.; Allen, B.; Anderson, D.; Aulbert, C.; Bock, O.; Crawford, F.; Eggenstein, H. -. et al.; Fehrmann, H.; Hammer, D.; Kramer, M.; Lyne, A. G.; Machenschalk, B.; Miller, R. B.; Papa, M. A.; Rastawicki, D.; Sarkissian, J.; Siemens, X.; Stappers, B. W.: Einstein@Home Discovery of 24 Pulsars in the Parkes Multi-beam Pulsar Survey. Astrophysical Journal 774 (2), 93 (2013)
  18. 43.
    Kochkina, E.; Wanner, G.; Schmelzer, D.; Tröbs, M.; Heinzel, G.: Modeling of the general astigmatic Gaussian beam and its propagation through 3D optical systems. Applied Optics 52 (24), S. 6030 - 6040 (2013)
  19. 44.
    Lee, K. J.; Stovall, K.; Jenet, F. A.; Martinez, J.; Dartez, L. P.; Mata, A.; Lunsford, G.; Cohen, S.; Biwer, C. .. M.; Rohr, M. et al.; Flanigan, J.; Walker, A.; Banaszak, S.; Allen, B.; Barr, E. D.; Bhat, N. D. R.; Bogdanov, S.; Brazier, A.; Camilo, F.; Champion, D. J.; Chatterjee, S.; Cordes, J.; Crawford, F.; Deneva, J.; Desvignes, G.; Ferdman, R. D.; Freire, P.; Hessels, J. W. T.; Karuppusamy, R.; Kaspi, V. M.; Knispel, B.; Kramer, M.; Lazarus, P.; Lynch, R.; Lyne, A.; McLaughlin, M.; Ransom, S.; Scholz, P.; Siemens, X.; Spitler, L.; Stairs, I.; Tan, M.; van Leeuwen, J.; Zhu, W. W.: PEACE: Pulsar Evaluation Algorithm for Candidate Extraction - A software package for post-analysis processing of pulsar survey candidates. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 433, S. 688 - 694 (2013)
  20. 45.
    Lentati, L.; Alexander, P.; Hobson, M. P.; Taylor, S.; Gair, J.; Balan, S. T.; van Haasteren, R.: Hyper-efficient model-independent Bayesian method for the analysis of pulsar timing data. Physical Review D 87, 104021 (2013)
  21. 46.
    Nice, D. J.; Altiere, E.; Bogdanov, S.; Cordes, J. M.; Farrington, D.; Hessels, J. W. T.; Kaspi, V. M.; Lyne, A. G.; Popa, L.; Ransom, S. M. et al.; Sanpa-arsa, S.; Stappers, B. W.; Wang, Y.; Allen, B.; Bhat, N. D. R.; Brazier, A.; Camilo, F.; Champion, D. J.; Chatterjee, S.; Crawford, F.; Deneva, J. S.; Desvignes, G.; Freire, P. C. C.; Jenet, F. A.; Knispel, B.; Lazarus, P.; Lee, K. J.; van Leeuwen, J.; Lorimer, D. R.; Lynch, R.; McLaughlin, M. A.; Scholz, P.; Siemens, X.; Stairs, I. H.; Stovall, K.; Venkataraman, A.; Zhu, W.: Timing and Interstellar Scattering of Thirty-five Distant Pulsars Discovered in the PALFA Survey. Astrophysical Journal 772, 50 (2013)
  22. 47.
    Nitz, A. H.; Lundgren, A.; Brown, D. A.; Ochsner, E.; Keppel, D.; Harry, I. W.: Accuracy of gravitational waveform models for observing neutron-star--black-hole binaries in Advanced LIGO. Physical Review D 88, 124039 (2013)
  23. 48.
    Nofrarias, M.; Gibert, F.; Karnesis, N.; Garcia, A. F.; Hewitson, M.; Heinzel, G.; Danzmann, K.: Subtraction of temperature induced phase noise in the LISA frequency band. Physical Review D 87, 102003 (2013)
  24. 49.
    Ohme, F.; Nielsen, A. B.; Keppel, D.; Lundgren, A.: Statistical and systematic errors for gravitational-wave inspiral signals: A principal component analysis. Physical Review D 88 (4), 042002 (2013)
  25. 50.
    Pletsch, H. J.; Guillemot, L.; Allen, B.; Anderson, D.; Aulbert, C.; Bock, O.; Champion , D. J.; Eggenstein, H. B.; Fehrmann, H.; Hammer , D. et al.; Karuppusamy, R.; Keith, M.; Kramer, M.; Machenschalk, B.; Ng, C.; Papa, M. A.; Ray, P. S.; Siemens, X.: Einstein@Home discovery of four young gamma-ray pulsars in Fermi LAT data. The Astrophysical Journal Letters 779, L11 (2013)
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