Publikationen des Albert-Einstein-Instituts in Potsdam-Golm

Sonstige (45)

  1. 3861.
    Allen, B.; Aulbert, C.; Berukoff, S.; Cutler, C.; Feg, T.; Naundorf, H.; Papa, M. A.; Sadowsky, N.; Schutz, B. F.: Merlin cluster - report for the BAR. (2002)
  2. 3862.
    Arutyunov, G.; Sokatchev, E.: On properties of BPS multiplets in perturbation theory, (2002)
  3. 3863.
    Braun, V.; Stefanski, B.: Orientifolds and Ktheory, (2002)
  4. 3864.
    Fischbacher, T.: Introducing LambdaTensor 1.0 - A package for explicit symbolic and numeric Lie algebra and Lie group calculations, (2002)
  5. 3865.
    Sahlmann, H.: Some Comments on the Representation Theory of the Algebra Underlying Loop Quantum Gravity, (2002)
  6. 3866.
    Shojai, F.; Shojai, A.: Weyl Geometry and Quantum Gravity, (2002)
  7. 3867.
    Shojai, A.; Shojai, F.: Quantum Einstein Equations, (2002)
  8. 3868.
    Alekseev, A. Y.; Schomerus, V.: RR charges of D2-branes in the WZW model, (2000)
  9. 3869.
    Hoppe, J.; Plefka, J.: The Asymptotic Groundstate of SU(3) Matrix Theory, (2000)
  10. 3870.
    Ketov, S. V.: Holographic Duality, Supersymmetry, and Painleve Equation, (2000)
  11. 3871.
    Ambjörn, J.; Anagnostopoulos, K. N.; Loll, R.: Crossing the c="1" barrier in 2d Lorentzian quantum gravity, (1999)
  12. 3872.
    Anguige, K.: Isotropic cosmological singularities 3. The Cauchy problem for the inhomogeneous conformal Einstein-Vlasov equations, (1999)
  13. 3873.
    Anguige, K.: A class of plane-symmetric perfect-fluid cosmologies with a Kasner-like singularity, (1999)
  14. 3874.
    Ashtekar, A.; Marolf, D.; Mourao, J.; Thiemann, T.: Osterwalder-Schrader reconstruction and diffeomorphism invariance, (1999)
  15. 3875.
    Brill, D.: Black holes and wormholes in 2+1 dimensions, Proceedings of the 2nd Samos Meeting on Cosmology, Geometry and Relativity: Mathematical and Quantum Aspects of Relativity and Cosmology, (1999)
  16. 3876.
    Campanelli, M.: Black hole collisions: how far can perturbation theory go?, (1999)
  17. 3877.
    Cavaglia, M.: Geometrodynamical Formulation of Two-Dimensional Dilaton Gravity and the Quantum Birkhoff Theorem, (1999)
  18. 3878.
    Hoppe, J.: Asymptotic zero energy states for SU (greater or equal 3), (1999)
  19. 3879.
    Julia, B.; Silva, S.: On first order formulations od supergravities, (1999)
  20. 3880.
    Korotkin, D. A.; Manojlovic, N.; Samtleben, H.: Schlesinger transformations for elliptic isomonodromic deformations, (1999)
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