Publikationen des Albert-Einstein-Instituts in Potsdam

Forschungspapier (188)

  1. 3841.
    Harry, I.; Hinderer, T.: Observing and measuring the neutron-star equation-of-state in spinning binary neutron star systems. (2018)
  2. 3842.
    Kotecha, I.; Oriti, D.: Statistical Equilibrium in Quantum Gravity: Gibbs states in Group Field Theory. (2018)
  3. 3843.
    Rao, J.: Simplex-like Structures of Maximally Supersymmetric Scattering Amplitudes. (2018)
  4. 3844.
    Brehm, E. M.: Heavy Quarks in Strongly Coupled Non-Conformal Plasmas with Anisotropy. (2018)
  5. 3845.
    Cabero, M.; Capano, C.; Birnholtz, O.; Krishnan, B.; Nielsen, A. B.; Nitz, A. H.: Observational tests of the black hole area increase law. (angenommen)
  6. 3846.
    Loebbert, F.; Mojaza, M.; Plefka, J.: Hidden Conformal Symmetry in Tree-Level Graviton Scattering. (eingereicht)
  7. 3847.
    Sharapov, A. A.; Skvortsov., E.: Noncommutative deformation quantization via injective resolutions. (eingereicht)
  8. 3848.
    Siemonsen, N.; Steinhoff, J.; Vines, J.: Gravitational waves from spinning binary black holes at the leading post-Newtonian orders at all orders in spin. (angenommen)
  9. 3849.
    Skvortsov., E.; Tran, T.; Tsulaia, M.: Quantum Chiral Higher Spin Gravity. (eingereicht)
  10. 3850.
    An, Y.; Li, Y.; Li, Z.; Rao, J.: All-loop Mondrian Diagrammatics and 4-particle Amplituhedron. (2017)
  11. 3851.
    Rao, J.: 4-particle Amplituhedron at 3-loop and its Mondrian Diagrammatic Implication. (2017)
  12. 3852.
    Westerweck, J.; Nielsen, A.; Fischer-Birnholtz, O.; Cabero, M.; Capano, C.; Dent, T.; Krishnan, B.; Meadors, G.; Nitz, A. H.: Low significance of evidence for black hole echoes in gravitational wave data. (2017)
  13. 3853.
    Gahramanov, I.; Jafarzade, S.: Integrable lattice spin models from supersymmetric dualities. (2017)
  14. 3854.
    Lemos, M.; Liendo, P.; Meineri, M.; Sarkar, S.: Universality at large transverse spin in defect CFT. (2017)
  15. 3855.
    Bykov, D.: Ricci-flat metrics on the cone over CP^2 # \overline\CP^2. (2017)
  16. 3856.
    Das, D.; Datta, S.; Pal, S.: Modular crossings, OPE coefficients and black holes. (2017)
  17. 3857.
    Bahamonde, S.; Boehmer, C. G.; Carloni, S.; Copeland, E. J.; Fang, W.; Tamanini, N.: Dynamical systems applied to cosmology: dark energy and modified gravity. (2017)
  18. 3858.
    Chow, D. D. K.: Conformal isometry of the six-dimensional black string and dualities of null geodesics. (2017)
  19. 3859.
    Chirco, G.; Oriti, D.; Zhang mi, M.: Ryu-Takayanagi Formula for Symmetric Random Tensor Networks. (2017)
  20. 3860.
    Mafra, C. R.; Schlotterer, O.: The double-copy structure of one-loop open-string amplitudes. (2017)
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