Publikationen des Albert-Einstein-Instituts in Potsdam-Golm

Forschungspapier (184)

  1. 3781.
    Bykov, D.: Ricci-flat metrics on the cone over CP^2 # \overline\CP^2. (2017)
  2. 3782.
    Healy, J.; Lange, J.; O'Shaughnessy, R.; Lousto, C.; Campanelli, M.; Williamson, A.; Zlochower, Y.; Bustillo, J. C.; Clark, J.; Evans, C. et al.; Ferguson, D.; Ghonge, S.; Jani, K.; Khamesra, B.; Laguna, P.; Shoemaker, D. M.; Garcia, A.; Boyle, M.; Hemberger, D.; Kidder, L.; Kumar, P.; Lovelace, G.; Pfeiffer, H.; Scheel, M.; Teukolsky, S.: Targeted numerical simulations of binary black holes for GW170104. (2017)
  3. 3783.
    Ashton, G.; Burns, E.; Dal Canton, T.; Dent, T.; Eggenstein, H.-B.; Nielsen, A. B.; Prix, R.; Was, M.; Zhu, S.: Coincident detection significance in multimessenger astronomy. (2017)
  4. 3784.
    Zappa, F.; Bernuzzi, S.; Radice, D.; Perego, A.; Dietrich, T.: Gravitational-wave luminosity of binary neutron stars mergers. (2017)
  5. 3785.
    Bahamonde, S.; Boehmer, C. G.; Carloni, S.; Copeland, E. J.; Fang, W.; Tamanini, N.: Dynamical systems applied to cosmology: dark energy and modified gravity. (2017)
  6. 3786.
    Dietrich, T.; Bernuzzi, S.; Bruegmann, B.; Ujevic, M.; Tichy, W.: Numerical Relativity Simulations of Precessing Binary Neutron Star Mergers. (2017)
  7. 3787.
    Bossard, G.; Kleinschmidt, A.: Cancellation of divergences up to three loops in exceptional field theory. (2017)
  8. 3788.
    Blair, C. D. A.; Musaev, E. T.: Five-brane actions in double field theory. (2017)
  9. 3789.
    Chow, D. D. K.: Conformal isometry of the six-dimensional black string and dualities of null geodesics. (2017)
  10. 3790.
    Chirco, G.; Oriti, D.; Zhang mi, M.: Ryu-Takayanagi Formula for Symmetric Random Tensor Networks. (2017)
  11. 3791.
    Cabero, M.; Capano, C.; Birnholtz, O.; Krishnan, B.; Nielsen, A. B.; Nitz, A. H.: Observational tests of the black hole area increase law. (2017)
  12. 3792.
    Mafra, C. R.; Schlotterer, O.: The double-copy structure of one-loop open-string amplitudes. (2017)
  13. 3793.
    Faller, J.; Sarkar, S.; Verma, M.: Mellin Amplitudes for Fermionic Conformal Correlators. (2017)
  14. 3794.
    Dutta, J.; Khyllep, W.; Saridakis, E. N.; Tamanini, N.; Vagnozzi, S.: Cosmological dynamics of mimetic gravity. (2017)
  15. 3795.
    He, S.: Conformal Bootstrap to Renyi Entropy in 2D Liouville and Super-Liouville CFTs. (2017)
  16. 3796.
    Bakhmatov, I.; Berman, D.; Kleinschmidt, A.; Musaev, E.; Otsuki, R.: Exotic branes in Exceptional Field Theory: the SL(5) duality group. (2017)
  17. 3797.
    Lee , S.; Schlotterer, O.: Fermionic one-loop amplitudes of the RNS superstring. (2017)
  18. 3798.
    Lewandowski, A.: On Feynman rules for not entirely external lines in leptogenesis and beyond. (2017)
  19. 3799.
    Lewandowski, A.; Meissner, K.; Nicolai, H.: Conformal Standard Model, Leptogenesis and Dark Matter. (2017)
  20. 3800.
    Devastato, A.; Farnsworth, S.; Lizzi, F.; Martinetti, P.: Lorentz signature and twisted spectral triples. (2017)
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