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Zeitschriftenartikel (174)

  1. 161.
    Singer, L. P.; Chen, H. -.; Holz, D. E.; Farr, W. M.; Price, L. R.; Raymond, V.; Cenko, S. B.; Gehrels, N.; Cannizzo, J.; Kasliwal, M. M. et al.; Nissanke, S.; Coughlin, M.; Farr, B.; Urban, A. L.; Vitale, S.; Veitch, J.; Graff, P.; Berry, C. P. L.; Mohapatra, S.; Mandel, I.: Going the Distance: Mapping Host Galaxies of LIGO and Virgo Sources in Three Dimensions Using Local Cosmography and Targeted Follow-up. The Astrophysical Journal Letters 829 (1), L15 (2016)
  2. 162.
    Singh, A.; Papa, M. A.; Eggenstein, H.-B.; Zhu, S.; Pletsch, H.; Allen, B.; Bock, O.; Machenschalk, B.; Prix, R.; Siemens, X.: Results of an all-sky high-frequency Einstein@Home search for continuous gravitational waves in LIGO 5th Science Run. Physical Review D 94, 064061 (2016)
  3. 163.
    Smith, R.; Field, S. E.; Blackburn, K.; Haster, C.-J.; Pürrer, M.; Raymond, V.; Schmidt , P.: Fast and Accurate Inference on Gravitational Waves from Precessing Compact Binaries. Physical Review D 94, 044031 (2016)
  4. 164.
    Steinhoff, J.; Hinderer, T.; Taracchini, A.; Buonanno, A.: Dynamical tides in general relativity: effective action and effective-one-body hamiltonian. Physical Review D 94, 104028 (2016)
  5. 165.
    Trzetrzelewski, M.: Dirac equation for strings. Europhysics Letters 116 (4), 40001 (2016)
  6. 166.
    Usman, S. A.; Kehl, M. S.; Nitz, A. H.; Harry, I.; Brown, D. A.; Capano, C. D.; Dent, T.; Fairhurst, S.; Pfeiffer, H. P.; Biwer, C. M. et al.; Dal Canton, T.; Keppel, D.; Saulson, P. R.; West, M.; Willis, J. L.: An improved pipeline to search for gravitational waves from compact binary coalescence. Classical and quantum gravity 33, 215004, S. 21 (2016)
  7. 167.
    Verbiest, J. P. W.; Lentati, L.; Hobbs, G.; Haasteren van, R.; Demorest, P. B.; Janssen, G. H.; Wang, J. -.; Desvignes, G.; Caballero, R. N.; Keith, M. J. et al.; Champion, D. J.; Arzoumanian, Z.; Babak, S.; Bassa, C. G.; Bhat, N. D. R.; Brazier, A.; Brem, P.; Burgay, M.; Burke-Spolaor, S.; Chamberlin, S. J.; Chatterjee, S.; Christy, B.; Cognard, I.; Cordes, J. M.; Dai, S.; Dolch, T.; Ellis, J. A.; Ferdman, R. D.; Fonseca, E.; Gair, J. R.; Garver-Daniels, N. E.; Gentile, P.; Gonzalez, M. E.; Graikou, E.; Guillemot, L.; Hessels, J. W. T.; Jones, G.; Karuppusamy, R.; Kerr, M.; Kramer, M.; Lam, M. T.; Lasky, P. D.; Lassus, A.; Lazarus, P.; Lazio, T. J. W.; Lee, K. J.; Levin, L.; Liu, K.; Lynch, R. S.; Lyne, A. G.; Mckee, J.; McLaughlin, M. A.; McWilliams, S. T.; Madison, D. R.; Manchester, R. N.; Mingarelli, C. M. F.; Nice, D. J.; Oslowski, S.; Palliyaguru, N. T.; Pennucci, T. T.; Perera, B. B. P.; Perrodin, D.; Possenti, A.; Petiteau, A.; Ransom, S. M.; Reardon, D.; Rosado, P. A.; Sanidas, S. A.; Sesana, A.; Shaifullah, G.; Shannon, R. M.; Siemens, X.; Simon, J.; Smits, R.; Spiewak, R.; Stairs, I. H.; Stappers, B. W.; Stinebring, D. R.; Stovall, K.; Swiggum, J. K.; Taylor, S. R.; Theureau, G.; Tiburzi, C.; Toomey, L.; Vallisneri, M.; van Straten, W.; Vecchio, A.; Wang, Y.; Wen, L.; You, X. P.; Zhu, W. W.; Zhu, X. -.: The International Pulsar Timing Array: First Data Release. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 458 (2), S. 1267 - 1288 (2016)
  8. 168.
    Vines, J.; Kunst, D.; Steinhoff, J.; Hinderer, T.: Canonical Hamiltonian for an extended test body in curved spacetime: To quadratic order in spin. Physical Review D 93, 103008 (2016)
  9. 169.
    Vines, J.; Nichols, D. A.: Properties of an affine transport equation and its holonomy. General Relativity and Gravitation 48 (10), 127 (2016)
  10. 170.
    Walsh, S.; Pitkin, M.; Oliver, M.; D'Antonio, S.; Dergachev, V.; Krolak, A.; Astone, P.; Bejger, M.; Di Giovanni, M.; Dorosh, O. et al.; Frasca, S.; Leaci, P.; Mastrogiovanni, S.; Miller, A.; Palomba, C.; Papa, M. A.; Piccinni, O. J.; Riles, K.; Sauter, O.; Sintes, A. M.: A comparison of methods for the detection of gravitational waves from unknown neutron stars. Physical Review D 94, 124010 (2016)
  11. 171.
    Wang, J.; Yu, P.: A Large Data Regime for non-linear Wave Equations. Journal of the European Mathematical Society 18 (3), S. 575 - 622 (2016)
  12. 172.
    Wilson-Ewing, E.: Anisotropic loop quantum cosmology with self-dual variables. Physical Review D 93, 083502 (2016)
  13. 173.
    Wilson-Ewing, E.: Separate universes in loop quantum cosmology: framework and applications. International Journal of Modern Physics D 25 (8), 1642002 (2016)
  14. 174.
    Zhu, S. J.; Papa, M. A.; Eggenstein, H.-B.; Prix, R.; Wette, K.; Allen, B.; Bock, O.; Keitel, D.; Krishnan, B.; Machenschalk, B. et al.; Shaltev, M.; Siemens, X.: An Einstein@home search for continuous gravitational waves from Cassiopeia A. Physical Review D 94, 082008 (2016)

Buchkapitel (1)

  1. 175.
    Harte, A. I.: Motion in classical field theories and the foundations of the self-force problem. In: Equations of Motion in Relativistic Gravity (Fundamental Theories of Physics, 179), S. 327 - 398. Springer, Heidelberg u.a. (2016)

Konferenzbeitrag (6)

  1. 176.
    Battarra, L.; Lavrelashvili, G. V.; Lehners, J.-L.: Wormhole creation by quantum tunnelling. In: WSPC Proceeding. (2016)
  2. 177.
    Bykov, D.: Sigma-models with complex homogeneous target spaces. 19th International Seminar on High Energy Physics (QUARKS-2016) . EPJ Web of Conferences 125, (2016)
  3. 178.
    Camanho, X. O.; Dadhich, N.; Molina, A.: (Not so) pure Lovelock Kasner metrics. In: Proceedings of the Fourteenth Marcel Grossman Meeting on General Relativity (Hg. Bianchi, M.; Jantzen, R. T.; Ruffini, R.). Fourteenth Marcel Grossman Meeting on General Relativity, MG14, University of Rome "La Sapienza", Rome, 12. Juli 2015 - 18. Juli 2015. World Scientific, Singapore (eingereicht)
  4. 179.
    Haoa, W.; Spurzem, R.; Naaba, T.; Wang, L.; Kouwenhovena, M. B. N.; Amaro-Seoane, P.; Mardling, R. A.: Resonant motions of supermassive black hole triples. IAU Symposium S312 (Star Clusters and Black Holes in Galaxies across Cosmic Time) , 2014-08. Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union 10 (S312 ), S. 101 - 104 (2016)
  5. 180.
    Musaev, E.: Exotic branes in Double Field Theory. 19th International Seminar on High Energy Physics (QUARKS-2016) . EPJ Web of Conferences 125, (2016)
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