Publikationen des Albert-Einstein-Instituts in Potsdam-Golm

Konferenzbeitrag (39)

  1. 181.
    Spurzem, R.; Berczik, P.; Berentzen, I.; Merritt, D.; Preto, M.; Amaro-Seoane, P.: Formation and Evolution of Black Holes in Galactic Nuclei and Star Clusters. In: Dynamical Evolution of Dense Stellar Systems, Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union, Bd. 246, S. 346 - 350. IAU Symposium. (2008)
  2. 182.
    Thiemann, T.: Loop quantum gravity. 2nd Stueckelberg Workshop on Relativistic Field Theories, Pescara, Italy, 03. September 2007 - 08. September 2007. International Journal of Modern Physics A 23 (8), S. 1113 - 1129 (2008)
  3. 183.
    Trias, M.; Sintes, A. M.: LISA parameter estimation of supermassive black holes. 12th Gravitational Wave Data Analysis Workshop, Cambridge, MA, 13. Dezember 2007 - 16. Dezember 2007. Classical and Quantum Gravity (2008)
  4. 184.
    Wen, L.: Data Analysis of Gravitational Waves Using A Network of Detectors. 3rd International ASTROD Symposium, Beijing, CHINA, 13. Juli 2006 - 16. Juli 2006. International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering (2008)
  5. 185.
    Wen, L.; Fan, X.; Chen, Y.: Geometrical expression of the angular resolution of a network of gravitational-wave detectors and improved localization methods. The Seventh Edoardo Amaldi Conference on Gravitational Waves (Amaldi 7), Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia, 08. Juli 2007 - 14. Juli 2007. Journal of Physics: Conference Series (2008)
  6. 186.
    Whelan, J. T.; Prix, R.; Khurana, D.: Improved search for galactic white dwarf binaries in Mock LISA Data Challenge 1B using an F-statistic template bank. 12th Gravitational Wave Data Analysis Workshop, Cambridge, MA, 13. Dezember 2007 - 16. Dezember 2007. Classical and quantum gravity (2008)
  7. 187.
    Zenginoglu, A.; Husa, S.: Hyperboloidal foliations with scri-fixing in spherical symmetry. In: Proceedings of the Eleventh Marcel Grossmann General Relativity, S. 1624 - 1626. 11th Marcel Grossmann meeting, Berlin, 23. Juli 2006 - 29. Juli 2006. World Scientific, New Jersey u.a. (2008)
  8. 188.
    del Moral, M. P. G.; Pena, J. M.; Restuccia, A.: The Minimally Immersed 4D Supermembrane. 3rd RTN Workshop on Constituents, Fundamental Forces Symetries of the Universe, Valencia, SPAIN, 05. Oktober 2007. Fortschritte der Physik - Progress of Physics (2008)

Forschungspapier (3)

  1. 189.
    Babak, S.; Hannam, M.; Husa, S.; Schutz, B. F.: Resolving Super Massive Black Holes with LISA. (eingereicht)
  2. 190.
    Beyer, H. R.: A new result on the Klein-Gordon equation in the background of a rotating black hole. (eingereicht)
  3. 191.
    Garcia del Moral, M. P.; Martin, I.; Restuccia, A.: Nonperturbative SL(2,Z) (p,q)-strings manifestly realized on the quantum M2. (eingereicht)

Bericht (6)

  1. 192.
    Braune, S.; Breitling, F.; Carlson, A.; Högqvist, M.; Radke, T.; Scholl, T.; White, S.: Advanced Prototype Implementation of Metadata Information Providers. (2008)
  2. 193.
    Braune, S.; Breitling, F.; Carlson, A.; Hooegqvist, M.; Radke, T.; Scholl, T.; White, S.: Metadata Information Providers. (2008)
  3. 194.
    Breitling, F.; Bruesemeister, T.; Carlson, A.; Engel, R.; Enke, H.; Högqvist, M.; Nickelt, I.; Radke, T.; Spurzem, R.; Steinacker, J. et al.; Wahner, R.: Distributed File Management in AstroGrid-D. (2008)
  4. 195.
    Radke, T.: Advanced Prototype Implementation of Monitoring & Steering Methods. (2008)
  5. 196.
    Radke, T.: Implementation of Monitoring & Steering Methods for AstroGrid-D Use Cases. (2008)
  6. 197.
    Radke, T.; Wehrens, O.: Portal User Interfaces for Metadata Management. (2008)
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