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Zeitschriftenartikel (173)

  1. 21.
    Ahmadiniaz, N.; Bashir, A.; Schubert, C.: Multiphoton amplitudes and generalized Landau-Khalatnikov-Fradkin transformation in scalar QED. Physical Review D 93 (4), 045023 (2016)
  2. 22.
    Aksteiner, S.; Korovin, Y.: New modes from higher curvature corrections in holography. Journal of high energy physics: JHEP 2016 (03), 166 (2016)
  3. 23.
    Aksteiner, S.; Andersson, L.; Bäckdahl, T.: New identities for linearized gravity on the Kerr spacetime. (eingereicht)
  4. 24.
    Amaro-Seoane, P.; Chen, X.: Relativistic mergers of black hole binaries have large, similar masses, low spins and are circular. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 458 (3), S. 3075 - 3082 (2016)
  5. 25.
    Amaro-Seoane, P.; Maureira-Fredes, C.; Dotti, M.; Colpi, M.: Retrograde binaries of massive black holes in circum-binary accretion discs. Astronomy & Astrophysics 591, A114 (2016)
  6. 26.
    Amaro-Seoane, P.; Casanellas, J.; Schödel, R.; Davidson, E.; Cuadra, J.: Probing dark matter crests with white dwarfs and IMBHs. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 459 (1), S. 695 - 700 (2016)
  7. 27.
    Anabalon, A.; Astefanesei, D.; Choque, D.; Martinez, C.: Trace Anomaly and Counterterms in Designer Gravity. Journal of high energy physics: JHEP 2016 (03), 117 (2016)
  8. 28.
    Andersson, L.; Bäckdahl, T.; Blue, P.: Decay of solutions to the Maxwell equation on the Schwarzschild background. Classical and Quantum Gravity 33 (8), 085010 (2016)
  9. 29.
    Andersson, L.; Oliynyk, T. A.; Schmidt, B. G.: Dynamical compact elastic bodies in general relativity. Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis 220 (2), S. 849 - 887 (2016)
  10. 30.
    Andriot, D.: New supersymmetric vacua on solvmanifolds. Journal of high energy physics: JHEP 2016 (02), 112 (2016)
  11. 31.
    Andriot, D.: A no-go theorem for monodromy inflation. Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticles Physics 3, 025 (2016)
  12. 32.
    Andriot, D.; Cacciapaglia, G.; Deandrea, A.; Deutschmann, N.; Tsimpis, D.: Towards Kaluza-Klein Dark Matter on Nilmanifolds. Journal of high energy physics: JHEP 2016 (06), 169 (2016)
  13. 33.
    Anzà, F.; Chirco, G.: Typicality in spin-network states of quantum geometry. Physical Review D 94, 084047 (2016)
  14. 34.
    Baake, O.; Rinne, O.: Superradiance of a charged scalar field coupled to the Einstein-Maxwell equations. Physical Review D 94, 124016 (2016)
  15. 35.
    Babak, S.; Petiteau, A.; Sesana, A.; Brem, P.; Rosado, P. A.; Taylor, S. R.; Lassus, A.; Hessels, J. W. T.; Bassa, C. G.; Burgay, M. et al.; Caballero, R. N.; Champion, D. J.; Cognard, I.; Desvignes, G.; Gair, J. R.; Guillemot, L.; Janssen, G. H.; Karuppusamy, R.; Kramer, M.; Lazarus, P.; Lee, K. J.; Lentati, L.; Liu, K.; Mingarelli, C. M. F.; Oslowski, S.; Perrodin, D.; Possenti, A.; Purver, M. B.; Sanidas, S.; Smits, R.; Stappers, B.; Theureau, G.; Tiburzi, C.; van Haasteren, R.; Vecchio, A.; Verbiest, J. P. W.: European Pulsar Timing Array Limits on Continuous Gravitational Waves from Individual Supermassive Black Hole Binaries. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 455 (2), S. 1665 - 1679 (2016)
  16. 36.
    Bakhmatov, I.; Kleinschmidt, A.; Musaev, E. T.: Non-geometric branes are DFT monopoles. Journal of high energy physics: JHEP 2016 (10), 076 (2016)
  17. 37.
    Banados, M.; Canto, R.; Theisen, S.: Higher spin black holes in three dimensions: Remarks on asymptotics and regularity. Physical Review D 94, 024002 (2016)
  18. 38.
    Barkett, K.; Scheel, M. A.; Haas, R.; Ott, C. D.; Bernuzzi, S.; Brown, D. A.; Szilágyi, B.; Kaplan, J. D.; Lippuner, J.; Muhlberger, C. D. et al.; Foucart, F.; Duez, M. D.: Gravitational waveforms for neutron star binaries from binary black hole simulations. Physical Review D 93, 044064 (2016)
  19. 39.
    Ben Geloun, J.: Renormalizable and asymptotically free tensor field theories. International Association of Mathematical Physics News Bulletin 2016 (1), S. 3 - 13 (2016)
  20. 40.
    Bernard, L.; Blanchet, L.; Bohé, A.; Faye, G.; Marsat, S.: Fokker action of non-spinning compact binaries at the fourth post-Newtonian approximation. Physical Review D 93, 084037 (2016)
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