Publikationen des Albert-Einstein-Instituts in Potsdam-Golm

Forschungspapier (29)

  1. 201.
    Bohe, A.; Shao, S.; Babak, S.; Buonanno, A.; Raymond, V.; Taracchini, A.: Effective-one-body waveform model for non-precessing binary black-hole mergers calibrated to 141 numerical-relativity waveforms. (2016)
  2. 202.
    Harte, A.; Flanagan, E.; Nichols, D.: Gravitational-wave memory observables. (2016)
  3. 203.
    Kegeles, A.; Oriti, D.; Tomlin, C.: Thermodynamic limit and inequivalent representations in Group Field Theory. (2016)
  4. 204.
    Kolasinski, S.: Higher order rectifiability of rectifiable sets via averaged discrete curvatures. (eingereicht)
  5. 205.
    Lahiri, A.: Almost graphical hypersurfaces become graphical under mean curvature flow. (angenommen)
  6. 206.
    Lionni, L.; Thuerigen, J.: Tensor models beyond planarity. (2016)
  7. 207.
    Menne, U.: Pointwise differentiability of higher order for sets. (eingereicht)
  8. 208.
    Novak, J.; Butter, D.; Tartaglino-Mazzucchelli, G.: Component reduction in 6D N = (1, 0) supergravity and the conformal supergravity invariants. (2016)
  9. 209.
    Papa, M. A.: Hierarchical follow-up of sub-threshold candidates of an all-sky Einstein@home search for continuous gravitational waves on LIGO data. (2016)

Bericht (1)

  1. 210.
    Maliborski, M.; Schell, C.: Stabil oder nicht stabil? Eine Raumzeit auf dem Prüfstand. (2016)
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