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Quantum steps towards the Big Bang

September 02, 2013
A new approach to the unification of General Theory of Relativity and Quantum Theory [more]
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The largest magnetic fields in the universe

July 26, 2013
Numerical simulations by AEI scientists show for the first time the occurrence of an instability in the interior of neutron stars that can lead to gigantic magnetic fields, possibly triggering one of the most dramatic explosions observed in the Universe. [more]
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Special award for Potsdam astrophysicist

July 10, 2013
Prof. Bernard Schutz selected Fellow of the International Society on General Relativity and Gravitation [more]
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High Impact Factors for MPG Open Access Journals

July 09, 2013
Living Reviews physics journals leading in their categories [more]
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Farewell greeting from a dying star

July 05, 2013
Scientists suggest explanation for mysterious radio flashes [more]
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25 April: Girls’ Day 2013 – A day of discovery for girls at the Max Planck Institutes at Science Park Potsdam-Golm

April 17, 2013
25 April: Girls’ Day 2013 – A day of discovery for girls at the Max Planck Institutes at Science Park Potsdam-Golm [more]
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German-French honour for Prof. Dr. Hermann Nicolai

April 09, 2013
Gay‐Lussac‐Humboldt‐Prize to be conferred on 15 April 2013 in Paris [more]
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What is behind Einstein’s turbulence?

March 26, 2013
Numerical calculations by scientists at the AEI give an initial insight into the relativistic properties of this mysterious process [more]
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Understanding the early universe: Which theory (or theories) are heading in the right direction?

March 04, 2013
What actually happened shortly before the Big Bang and shortly thereafter? To date, there are no satisfactory answers to these questions. However, there are different theories and models of quantum gravity which provide - partly contradictory - suppositions about the Big Bang and the early universe. The most well known of these are the string theory and loop quantum gravity. [more]
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The search for quantum gravity - scientists from around the globe honour Hermann Nicolai

September 04, 2012
Top-class conference to mark the 60th birthday of the AEI Director [more]
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