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Dr. Elke Müller
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LISA Pathfinder begins its science mission

March 08, 2016
Perfectly still satellite laboratory to validate key technologies for gravitational-wave detection in space [more]
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LISA Pathfinder test masses floating freely

February 16, 2016
Major milestone towards science operations in March [more]
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Gravitational Waves Detected 100 Years After Einstein's Prediction

February 11, 2016
LIGO Opens New Window on the Universe with Observation of Gravitational Waves from Colliding Black Holes – Key contributions from Max Planck Society and Leibniz Universität Hannover researchers [more]

Update on gravitational-wave science

February 08, 2016
100 years ago Einstein predicted the existence of gravitational waves. [more]
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Laser light for LISA Pathfinder

January 13, 2016
First science payload systems successfully switched on and tested [more]
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Liftoff for LISA Pathfinder

December 03, 2015
Major step towards a gravitational wave observatory in space on 100th anniversary of Einstein's General Relativity [more]
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LISA Pathfinder – the countdown is running

November 27, 2015
AEI researchers are leading partners in LISA Pathfinder satellite mission scheduled for launch on December 2 [more]
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Public event for LISA Pathfinder launch

November 20, 2015
Albert Einstein Institute invites media representatives and the general public for a launch event on December 3, 2015 [more]
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Photography exhibition “light/glimpses of light”

November 09, 2015
Researchers as photographers [more]
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Thinking beyond Einstein 2015

October 28, 2015
Public lectures to celebrate the centennial of the general theory of relativity and the International Year of Light [more]
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