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GRACE Follow-On is on track

August 04, 2015
NASA review greenlights satellite construction [more]
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Binary Star System Precisely Timed with Pulsar's Gamma-rays

July 29, 2015
Max Planck Scientists Find Evidence for Stellar Companion's Activity Cycles [more]
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LISA Pathfinder: Science payload completed and integrated into the satellite

June 23, 2015
Next steps: Shipment to Kourou and launch in autumn [more]
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Open Day at GEO600

June 16, 2015
Visit the gravitational waves detector near Sarstedt [more]
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A large step closer to the first direct detection of gravitational waves

May 18, 2015
Albert Einstein Institute researchers make key contributions to advanced LIGO gravitational-wave detectors [more]
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2014 Stefano Braccini Thesis Prize for Dr. Yan Wang

April 30, 2015
Innovative methods for eLISA gravitational-wave observatory – international prize awarded to Yan Wang [more]
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Wissenschaftspreis Hannover 2014 für Dr. Oliver Gerberding

November 25, 2014
Hochpräzise Messtechnologien für zukünftige Gravitationswellen-Detektoren [more]
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 “Die Nacht, die Wissen schafft” (Science Night) at AEI Hannover  

November 06, 2014
Tracking down gravitational waves [more]
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Curved space and black holes during “November der Wissenschaft” (Science in November)

November 05, 2014
Series of talks focussing on black holes, Higgs bosons, space missions and curved space at the Albert Einstein Institute Hannover [more]
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Super Fast: AEI postdoc takes second place in science video competition  

August 08, 2014
Im Rahmen des Filmwettbewerbs „Fast Forward Science“ erreichte das Team um den Postdoc Pablo Rosado am Max-Planck-Institut für Gravitationsphysik in Hannover den zweiten Platz in der Kategorie „Super Fast“. [more]
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