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  1. 101.
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  2. 102.
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  3. 103.
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  4. 104.
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  5. 105.
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  6. 106.
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  7. 107.
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  8. 108.
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  9. 109.
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  10. 110.
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  11. 111.
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  12. 112.
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  13. 113.
    Koch, A.; Sanjuan, J.; Gohlke, M.; Mahrdt, C.; Brause, N.; Braxmaier, C.; Heinzel, G.: Line of sight calibration for the laser ranging interferometer on-board the GRACE Follow-On mission: on-ground experimental validation. Optics Express 26 (20), pp. 25892 - 25908 (2018)
  14. 114.
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  15. 115.
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  16. 116.
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  17. 117.
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  18. 118.
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  19. 119.
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  20. 120.
    Lemos, M.; Liendo, P.; Meineri, M.; Sarkar, S.: Universality at large transverse spin in defect CFT. Journal of high energy physics: JHEP 2018 (09), 091 (2018)
  21. 121.
    Lewandowski, A.; Meissner, K.; Nicolai, H.: Conformal Standard Model, Leptogenesis and Dark Matter. Physical Review D 97 (3), 035024 (2018)
  22. 122.
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  23. 123.
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  24. 124.
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  25. 125.
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  26. 126.
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  27. 127.
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  28. 128.
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  29. 129.
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  30. 130.
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  31. 131.
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  32. 132.
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  33. 133.
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  34. 134.
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  36. 136.
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  37. 137.
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  38. 138.
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  39. 139.
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  40. 140.
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  41. 141.
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  42. 142.
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  43. 143.
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  44. 144.
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  45. 145.
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  46. 146.
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  47. 147.
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  48. 148.
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  50. 150.
    Rahman, R.: Frame- and Metric-like Higher-Spin Fermions. Universe 4 (2), 34 (2018)
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